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Methode Physiodermie

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  1. Anti-Brown Marks Cream

    Anti-Brown Marks Cream

    For all skin type. Enhances the penetration of active ingredients. Soothing and balancing lotion with active plant extracts. restores the skin's balance, neutralizes alkalo, soothes, decongests, brightens and maltifiews the complexion. Reconstitutes the hydrolipidic layer. Recommended use: as a... Learn More
  2. Physiodermie Purifying Cream

    Physiodermie Purifying Cream

    Treating and hydrating cream for blackheads and impurities
    Maintains the hydration of the skin, prevents the production of excess sebum, and prevents breakouts (acne). Renders a matte and even complexion.

    Skin Types
    • Asphyxiated and combination skin
    • Impure... Learn More
  3. Methode Physiodermie - Oily Skin Cream

    Methode Physiodermie - Oily Skin Cream

    Hydrating cream (treatment) for oily skin
    Regulates the excess sebum (oil) on the surface of the skin. This cream will eliminate the appearance of blackheads and will prevent the skin from shining. Gives the skin a uniform and matte complexion.

    • Provides a ... Learn More
  4.  Methode Physiodermie - Vivifying Cream

    Methode Physiodermie - Vivifying Cream

    Treating cream for dehydrated, dull and sun damaged skin
    Provides the perfect solution for skin lacking vitality and in need of a boost. Revitalizes and regenerates the epidermis favoring the natural process of cellular renewal. Regular application supplies the skin with energy and vitali... Learn More
  5. Methode Physiodermie - Hydro Control Cream

    Methode Physiodermie - Hydro Control Cream

    Hydrating cream for dehydrated to normal skin types
    Maintains the water balance in the superficial layer of the epidermis thus delaying cutaneous aging. Restores natural hydration and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Gives a fresh and smooth complexion. Light cream for all skin t... Learn More
  6. Methode Physiodermie - Toner Cream

    Methode Physiodermie - Toner Cream

    Treating cream for toneless sagging skin
    This intensive treatment cream, rich in elastic proteins, will help to strengthen and energize the skin. Regular application will restore firmness and tone to sagging skin. Ideal for skin that has lost strength due to years of sun exposure.
    ... Learn More
  7. Methode Physiodermie - Optimum Lift Cream

    Methode Physiodermie - Optimum Lift Cream

    Anti-aging treatment cream. Strengthens the collagen fibers and accelerates cellular renewal. Slows down the aging process and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Results will be apparent after a few applications. Skin becomes moisturized, toned and smooth. Recommended for skin with fine lines... Learn More
  8. Methode Physiodermie - Tonifying(TM)

    Methode Physiodermie - Tonifying(TM)

    Bioaromes are meant to treat skin ailments such as dehydration, redness and fine lines. Containing highly concentrated ingredients chemically formulated into molecules much smaller than those in a moisturizer, a serum is absorbed into the skin quickly and more deeply for a more intensive effect... Learn More
  9. Methode Physiodermie - Body Sculpting Gel

    Methode Physiodermie - Body Sculpting Gel

    Treatment against cellulite Reaches into the adipose tissue to eliminate fat cells. Breaks up accumulated adiposity (fat) to recover a sculptured firm figure. Firms the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and moisturizes the skin.

    Skin Types
    • Body: Cellulite (orange... Learn More
  10. Methode Physiodermie - Light Leg Complex

    Methode Physiodermie - Light Leg Complex

    Treatment for heavy legs, cellulite and spider veins
    Repairs and strengthens the vascular system responsible for spider veins. Reduces water retention, improves circulation and strengthens weak capillaries to reduce swelling and relieve tension in the legs. Legs immediately feel lighter.... Learn More

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